A Carpark on Eastwood oval?


Recently, State Liberal MP, Mr Dominello said that he wanted to build a 230 space commuter carpark on community owned Eastwood Oval (see newspaper article below).

As Mayor, and a user of Eastwood Oval, I have concerns about this proposal. However, before Council considers Mr Dominello’s request, I’d like to gauge your thoughts on the matter.

Do you agree that there should be a multi-storey carpark built on Eastwood oval? Please let me know by emailing me or filling out my quick survey on my website: www.jeromelaxale.com/eastwood


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    I am not happy about this proposal as t would reduce the beauty and greenery of Eastwood…the very thing that attracted so many people to come live in Eastwood..with so many many people in Eastwood living in apartments we need as much green space as possible for people to “live” outdoors…why not simply add more floors to the car park already in existence or provide more buses to bring more people to the station and keep their cars off the road!!
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