On Tuesday Night, Ryde Council rejected my plan to restore funding to the much used Top Ryder Community Bus. The 6 Liberals and 3 Independents joined forces, instead opting to spend the $100,000 on a new assistant for the Mayor and the General Manager.


Last year, the Top Ryder Community Bus was cut from a 6 day week service to a 4 day a week service to bolster Council’s argument for a 28% rate rise over the next 4 years.

This was a tough decision to make, and we were told that Council had no option but to cut this service to bolster our financial position. Fast forward one year, and I was shocked to see that some of these savings had been redirected to fund more staff at Ryde Council.

The General Manager and Mayor do not need another assistant. Any extra funds this council has should be redirected towards footpath renewal, asset maintenance and services like the Top Ryder Community Bus

I will continue to fight for better services and better financial management of ratepayers funds as your local Councillor.

Facts about the Top Ryder:

The Top Ryder Community Bus started in July 2008 and transported over 60,000 passengers per annum as a 6 day a week service.

  • The service is predominately used by women (76%) over 65 (65%)
  • The main reason for using the Top Ryder Community Bus was to go shopping (94%), medical appointments (56% and socialising and leisure (30%).

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