In December 2020, the NSW Government announced a broad range of changes and cuts to services. These changes are scheduled to come into force on 24 January 2021.

For many, travelling by public transport is their only option.

For some, it’s a way of reducing their carbon footprint. For others, it’s to avoid the day to day grind of traffic in our city and suburbs. The changes and cancellations being implemented will put a further burden on residents of Ryde and greater Sydney who rely on public transport to access Macquarie university, our Two TAFE campuses, employment, appointments, shops, outings etc.

When Governments continue to encourage people to switch to public transport, it makes no sense to then make changes to routes that will discourage and prevent people from using it.

Of particular concern to Ryde residents are the changes to the M52, 515 and 518 services. Below is a list of the proposed changes.

🚍 M52 will no longer go to Parramatta. A new service (500X) will start at West Ryde ❌

🚍 The new M52 (500X) will stop at Hyde Park, instead of Circular Quay, funnelling people onto the world's slowest tram ❌

🚍 X15 will be cut (City to Eastwood) ❌

🚍 X18 will be cut (City to Denistone) ❌

🚍 X06 will be cut (City to East Ryde) ❌

🚍 520 will be cut (Parramatta to City) ❌

🚍 515 will only service Eastwood to Ryde Shops, instead of going all the way to the city ❌

🚍 518 will only service Macquarie Uni to Meadowbank instead of going all the way to the City ❌

🚍525 will no longer come to Macquarie University and only service Parramatta to Strathfield ❌

Please add your name to, and SHARE, my petition to have these changes reviewed and/or reversed.

Dear Minister,

I am writing to you regarding recent cancellations and changes to several bus routes which pass through the Ryde LGA and which come into force on 24 January 2021. Of particular concern to Ryde residents are the changes to the M52, 515 and 518 services.

Regarding the M52, whilst increased frequency is welcome, terminating the replacement 500x service at West Ryde and Hyde Park is a terrible idea.  We know that people are less likely to use public transport where a change is involved. Getting off at West Ryde and onto another bus to get to Parramatta is not a good solution for commuters.

Similarly, turning the 518 and 515 services to shuttle services, rather than direct services to the city, is ill thought out and may discourage future patronage.  

Lastly, these changes have not been adequately advertised, nor has our community been consulted. As far as I am aware, there was no public consultation about changes to these routes.

Minister, I call on you to immediately stop the changes and allow full and transparent consultation with those impacted.

Announcing changes by press release, without any scope for consultation or review, is no way to run an essential service.


A concerned resident

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