City of Ryde Steps Up to Challenge of Affordable Housing

City of Ryde Council is answering the challenge of providing affordable housing for key workers on very low to moderate incomes with the release on public exhibition of a draft Affordable Housing Policy that will help to deliver 600 new affordable dwellings by 2031.

City of Ryde Mayor, Clr Jerome Laxale, is encouraging the community to comment on the Policy:  “This draft Affordable Housing Policy is an important step forward for our community in the provision of housing for key workers. 

“The lack of affordable housing in the City of Ryde and in metropolitan Sydney has reached crisis levels and is having a significant negative impact on communities, families and the economy through the loss of key workers.

“A ‘business as usual approach’ is not going to work,” said the Mayor.  “The market and the State Government have failed to provide our city with the affordable housing it needs.  Instead of throwing our hands in the air, we have decided to do something about it.

“If this policy is endorsed by our community, developers will need to provide housing stock to Council, over and above other infrastructure contributions they make.

“I applaud all Councillors for joining me on this journey.  Together, we have demonstrated strong leadership on this important issue and stopped the blame game. We have proven that local Councils can lead and plan for our future.”

The draft Policy’s goal is that by 2031 five percent of all new dwellings in the Ryde Local Government Area (LGA) will be designated ‘affordable’ for key worker households on low to moderate incomes. 

A local business survey conducted in 2015 has found many Ryde businesses are experiencing difficulty attracting and retaining workers.  According to the survey it is commonplace in Ryde for key workers such as police, teachers and nurses to drive from the Central Coast (100km) each day for work, creating stress on families and lost productivity for businesses.

Research shows that by 2031 the Ryde LGA will be in need of 10,700 affordable housing dwellings for key workers.  And a recent independent planning study demonstrates this need will not be provided by the market.  

The model endorsed by the City of Ryde requires that a percentage of dwellings be dedicated to Council as part of any development application or planning proposal (re-zoning).

The draft Affordable Housing Policy will be placed on public exhibition for a period of 28 days towards the end of 2015.  A report will then be presented to Council in early 2016.

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