“The proposal will result in redevelopment of the site to provide a new ‘Civic Heart’, which will make a positive contribution to the Ryde Town Centre’”

“The development is of high quality architectural design that has responded to the location within the mixed-use area, while providing a form of development consistent with the character of the precinct.”

“The application is suitable for the site, and is in the public interest”
Believe it or not, these aren’t my words folks. They’re the words of the NSW State Government Planning Panel who this week approved the Ryde Central Development.

And in case you were wondering who made this happen? Well it certainly wasn’t Roy Maggio or the Ryde Liberals. They voted against this design since the day it was first presented to Council, and have tried to kill it at every opportunity.

Thank you to Ryde Labor, Ryde Greens and Clr Zhou who have backed a sensible and reasoned approach to help resolve the Ryde Central Saga, and provide this amazing facility for our community.

The contract is signed, the DA is approved, and construction is due to start this year.
Bring it on.