Dominello urged to stop destruction of "former Ivanhoe Estate"

Ryde Council has once again united in an attempt to stop the State Government from destroying the Ivanhoe Place housing estate. In a passionate debate, Labor Councillors urged local member Victor Dominello to stand up for his community and publicly declare his opposition to plans to destroy the estate.

"With the release of information surrounding the Urban Activation Precinct at Macquarie Park, we have learnt that State Government documents refer to Ivanhoe Estate as the former Ivanhoe Estate. This troubling development has led to much angst within our community, and I am calling on our local member to publicly declare his stance on the plans"

"Again, we have another State Government initiative opposed by the community yet Barry O'Farrell and Brad Hazzard's plans continue on their merry way. Despite our local member declaring his support locally both verbally and in the press, we have a situation where he acts differently in parliament."

Clr Laxale states that "The Liberal O'Farrell government's announced plans for Epping, Macquarie Park and North Ryde is over 86 hectares. Victor Dominello needs to answer why our local community is carrying a disproportionate share of the O'Farrell Liberal government's proposed high rise bonanza."

"It is time for Victor Dominello to choose whether he will toe the Liberal party line, or whether he will stand up and defend our community."

Mr Dominello and the Liberals were elected to government in 2011 on the back of a promise to return planning powers back to local communities. Despite this repeated promise, the Urban Activation Precincts in the Ryde area do the opposite of what Mr Dominello has promised.

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