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Ryde has the school with the highest maintenance backlog in the whole of Sydney, and a total backlog of $8,608,523 That is a disgrace (You can read all about the Liberal Government's school maintenance shame here)

  School Maintenance Backlog
1 Marsden High School $2,882,626
2 Denistone East Public School $1,063,999
3 Ryde Public School $986,162
4 Ermington Public School $750,893
5 Epping Boys High School $596,979
6 West Ryde Public School $563,549
7 North Ryde Public School $502,762
8 Kent Road Public School $369,572
9 Eastwood Heights Public School $343,715
10 Meadowbank Public School $259,049
11 Ardnell School $112,343
12 Truscott Street Public School $109,480
13 Eastwood Public School $67,394

This petition is part of a community campaign to get a fair go for all schools in Ryde, for their students and teachers.

Education should always be a priority, and I need your help to get facilities at our local schools to the right standard.


I support investment in public education.

With a maintenance backlog of $8,608,523 in Ryde, and $775 million across NSW, I want the government to prioritise investment in our schools.

Of particular concern is Marsden High, which over the space of 1 year has:

  • Become the school with the HIGHEST maintenance backlog in Sydney (up from 3rd)
  • Had it's maintenance backlog blowout from $2.16 million to nearly $2.9 million

Like all Schools in Ryde, Marsden High is a great school with amazing students and teachers. I call on the Government to invest in our schools, and fix the maintenance backlog across Ryde.

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    Marsden should not be neglected like this. Those poor kids sitting in this heat. Let’s remove the air con from the offices of the people making the decisions and see how they go…
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    Please proiritise Marsden High- my son will be attending there next year
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    My son attends Marsden High School and it is a wonderful school full of passionate teachers and students who deserve the overdue maintenance to take place. There are basic needs that are not being met at Marsden due to this lack of funding.
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    Philia Zioga
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    The children of this State deserve better than this “penny pinching” they are the future so give them the dignity and respect that they deserve
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    for Ryde Public School.

    Build more walk bridge across the 6 lane busy Lane Cove Road for kids to cross and walk up to school, since traffic is bad.. Or free bus for kids to schools

    On other note Ryde shall get its own light rail..
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    Our suburbs are all being ruined by overdevelopment with no infrastructure to cater for such increases to our communities. Our local streets are clogged with cars, parking to catch buses and trains, as there is nowhere for people to park, other than in the streets. To get in and out of the Ryde area now is almost impossible! Every time you go for a drive , you see more chainwire fencing going up around more and more properties waiting to be demolished for more unit towers! It is out of control. The Baird Government has changed/sold off our suburbs to greedy developers. I’m all for development and progress, but this is just over the top!! I’ve lived in the Ryde area for 31 years!! It is so sad what’s happening to our suburb!!
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    I have had 3 grandchildren at Denistone East and have a warm connection with that school, and Meadowbank School also. What is more important that educating our kids to the best standard possible in a safe environment.
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    There is so much positive development going on in the area, let education facilities and quality in the area improve along with it..
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    The way you look after the school property shows how much you value the people who work and learn there. I’d suggest they’re worth more than your current estimate.