Today we learnt that the owners of the Macquarie Centre, AMP, intend to demolish the Macquarie Ice Rink as part of their re-development of the site.

The Macquarie Ice Rink has a rich history and my family, like many in Ryde, have great memories there. It is an icon and provides for active recreation for families in the Ryde district.

As Mayor, I plan to meet with representatives of AMP to encourage them to reconsider their plans to demolish the Ice Rink without replacement. Please sign my petition below along with others you may come across online.

Mark Kirkland

Managing Director

AMP Capital

Dear Mr Kirkland,

We recently learnt that AMP has decided to demolish the Macquarie Ice Rink. This Ice rink has brought great joy to our community and provided a place of active recreation for not only those who live in Ryde, but those right across Sydney. Kids enjoy it, athletes enjoying, and your shopping centre's customers enjoy it.

I, the undersigned, would request that you re-consider your plans to demolish the Ice Rink without replacement as part of your re-development of the site.


A Local Ice Rink Fan

Will you sign?