Melrose Park

I was happy to attend a meeting and discuss with local residents recently to discuss some major issues affecting residents of Ryde in Melrose Park.

The State Government have announced their intention to build light rail down Wharf Road in Melrose Park to service the 6,000 dwellings enabled by Parramatta Council. A route down Wharf Road would require land acquisition, more traffic issues and pain for local residents.

Ryde residents have also raised concerns about the scale and size of development in Melrose Park and the impact on our city, our roads and our schools. Later this year, the Council will need to re-write it's LEP to meet State Government imposed housing targets.  This process will give you the opportunity to write a submission on these matters.

As your local Ward Councillor and Mayor I would like to represent your interests through this process. Please fill out the two survey questions below so I can gauge community sentiment on both matters and propose a way forward.


What is your preferred route?