Open Letter to The Hon. Victor Dominello MP

Dear Mr Dominello,

I write to you in regards to recent decisions made by Ryde Council in regards to the two Urban Activation Precinct's (UAP) in your electorate.
In our submission to your government, it was noted by professional council staff that the entire process was flawed. Firstly, technical data was completely wrong, with calculations for storey heights, schooling numbers and traffic data well off the mark.
Secondly, the process of engagement with Ryde Council has been flawed, with meetings involving expert staff being nothing but briefing sessions. Expert comments from staff have fallen on deaf ears.
Thirdly, in regards the proposed Herring Road UAP, I've been advised that the Department of Planning have been putting pressure on council staff not to exhibit our plans for the future of the area despite a unanimous decision by all 12 councillors to do so.
Of additional concern is the fact that controversial Finance Minister Greg Pearce has played a leading role in the whole UAP process. Given all that has transpired, how can local residents have any confidence that their concerns are being listened to?
Mr Dominello, all the above are exact negatives to your promise to "return planning powers back to locals." I remember better than most, the promises you and your entire government made to the people of Ryde, and I ask that you stay true to your word.
In our submission on the North Ryde UAP, Council has asked for all planning powers to be returned to locals, through their Council. I ask for your public support in our rightful claim.

Councillor Jerome Laxale

Labor Councillor for West Ward
Ryde City Council

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