Walking down the Shripmton's Creek shared path at night can be scary business. While lighting and upgrades are in place for some sections, others are not.

Acting on what residents have raised with me, I'm proposing the installation of lights along unlit sections of the path. If we are to encourage people to stay out of their cars and walk to Macquarie Park, we need to make sure that the shared path is safe for everyone.

I have put in a Councillor's budget bid to secure funding for the Shrimpton's Creek Project. Please sign below petition to help me convince other Councillors that this will be a great investment for our community.


To Councillors of the City of Ryde

Dear Councillors,

I encourage you to endorse the Mayor, Councillor Jerome Laxale's, plan to install lighting along unlit sections of the Shrimpton's creek shared path. 

If we are to encourage people to be active and to reduce their reliance on a car, providing safe passage to Macquarie Park along this path is essential.

There are currently segments that are pitch black at night, whereas others are lit.

Some well designed, low voltage lights would make this path more accessible, safe and provide a vital link for locals.


Ryde Resident