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On 6 April 2018, NSW Liberal planning Minster the Hon. Anthony Roberts announced a new housing code which will apply to the City of Ryde.

Starting 6 July 2018, these changes will allow for even more over-development in our City. They allow for increased medium density uses in low density zones, and they are against the wishes of our community and the Council who voted unanimously to oppose these changes in December 2016.

Ryde has taken its fair share of development over the years, and up until recently, our low density middle was off limits. Now the State Government are opening up the entire city to over-development. 

The Key points are: 

 The Liberal State Government have targeted at least 9 local government areas with these changes, including the City of Ryde

 They have changed definitions, which will allow terrace housing and blocks of flats (known as Manor homes) in low density zones effective July 6 this year!

 Duplex lots will go from a 20m frontage minimum to a 12m frontage minimum. That’s 14464 potential duplex sites in Ryde and a potential for 32,000 new residents almost immediately. 

 Blocks of flats (manor homes) will be able to be built on 600sqm lots with 15m frontage. Manor homes are currently prohibited in Ryde’s low density zones. 

 Terrace housing can be build on lots of 900sqm and 18m frontage. Terrace housing is currently prohibited in Ryde’s low density zones. 

 Our 2016 submission to the Government against these changes, were totally ignored. 


To: The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, Member for Lane Cove, Minister for Planning

CC: The Hon. Victor Dominello MP, Member for Ryde, Minister for Finance, Services and Property

Dear Mr Roberts and Mr Dominello,

I believe that your latest over-development attack on Ryde has gone too far. Ryde has been a target for your Government for too long. Firstly, 13,000 units along Epping Road and now you have made changes so that even our low density suburbs can be targeted by developers.

Our schools are already overcrowded. Our roads are already clogged and hospitals have long waiting lists. Enough.

I demand that you do not proceed with changes that are due to take effect on 6 July 2018. 

Ryde does not want rows of terrace housing in our quiet neighbourhoods.

Ryde does not want blocks of flats (Manor homes) in our cul-de-sacs or opposite our schools.

We do not want a minimum 12-metre frontage for duplexes across the City.

We will not stand for these changes and demand an immediate reversal of your plans. If they proceed, they will destroy what makes Ryde great.

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Monisha Chippada
Rita Srour
Jacqui Funnell
Jessica Buchanan
Kim Rodgers
Kathryn Gough
Julia Taylor
Helen Sheather
Vasilios Klapos
Lindsay Donald
Omar Amistoso
Paul Napper
Kim Gray
Andrew Beattie
Gill Foster
Margaret Hudson
Maree Foley
Nicole Ribera
Iain Shannon
Fiona McNeill
Nigel Clark
Jennifer Tolmie
Lucia Domenica
Anna Shannon
Jane Barton
Justin De Gioia
Gabriella Bruno
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  • Monisha Chippada
    signed 2018-04-14 13:16:50 +1000
  • Rita Srour
    signed 2018-04-14 13:11:03 +1000
    Back off, take your development to suburbs that can cope. No re-election for Liberals in this area if you don’t reverse this decision. We are all noticing what you are doing and we are talking about it.
  • Jacqui Funnell
    signed 2018-04-14 10:40:42 +1000
    These changes are a total reversal of what is currently prohibited. For any elected government to attempt to make such changes in such a short timeframe without consultation with residents/taxpayers/voters is SO OUTRAGEOUS!!!! It must be halted immediately!
  • Jessica Buchanan
    signed 2018-04-13 20:48:28 +1000
  • Kim Rodgers
    signed 2018-04-13 20:45:56 +1000
    Our streets are already full of parked cars at night at traffic in the day, we really don’t need more. Please keep our children safe in our quieter spaces by keeping the density low.
  • Kathryn Gough
    signed 2018-04-13 20:28:00 +1000
  • Julia Marian
    posted about this on Facebook 2018-04-13 16:46:35 +1000
    Sign the petition: Protect Ryde
  • Julia Taylor
    signed 2018-04-13 16:46:10 +1000
  • Helen Sheather
    signed 2018-04-13 13:59:23 +1000
  • Vasilios Klapos
    signed 2018-04-13 09:48:09 +1000
    Horrible, destroying the character of the area
  • Lindsay Donald
    signed 2018-04-12 23:13:04 +1000
  • Homi Amistoso
    posted about this on Facebook 2018-04-12 17:18:49 +1000
    Sign the petition: Protect Ryde
  • Omar Amistoso
    signed via 2018-04-12 17:17:06 +1000
    Please put an end to over-development. We do not have the infrastructure to support it.
  • Paul Napper
    signed 2018-04-12 15:51:02 +1000
    Have lived here all my life (45yrs), was born in Ryde Hospital and live in Melrose Park. The over development of the area is insane! Meadowbank will just be a huge slum with thousands upon thousands of units. Now they are developing the Ermington side of Wharf Rd with thousands and thousands of more units and calling it Melrose Park! Where are all the cars going to go? My wife can’t even get a park near Meadowbank train station anymore let alone a seat on the train. The traffic through Meadowbank/Melrose Park now is a joke. Lancaster Ave is now a race track. Ryde/West Ryde as we knew it has gone….maybe time to get out now.
  • Kim Gray
    signed 2018-04-12 10:56:18 +1000
    I’m so sick of the overdevelopment of Ryde and West Ryde. Sheppards Bay for example is so densely populated now with even more units going up all the time. In West Ryde every time a house is knocked down about 6 or so villas spring up in its place. There used to be a rule that there was supposed to be a block of land between each villa complex but that’s gone out the window. In our surrounding streets there have been numerous developments going up side by side and it’s getting ridiculous.
  • Andrew Beattie
    signed 2018-04-12 10:54:18 +1000
    The third settlement area in the country, and you’re letting overseas interest destroy the fabric of our suburban areas, outdoor spaces, removing public land to be sold off privately for profit….

    Don’t let this continue under your watch.
  • Gill Foster
    signed 2018-04-12 09:36:24 +1000
    As a former long-term resident of Ryde I am appalled at the current overdevelopment of the city and feel that further damage to the area should be avoided by rejecting the state governments plans to allow gross overdevelopment of current low density neighbourhoods.
  • Margaret Hudson
    signed 2018-04-12 09:21:14 +1000
    As a long time Ryde resident I am impacted by the over development in Ryde every day. Just getting out of our street at certain times, is a problem. The wait time at Ryde Hospital Casualty Dept. becomes worse all the time. Parking at any of the local shopping centres is difficult. Few people know their neighbours any more…many are just young overseas students, with no interest in the community. State government grows rich from overdevelopment at the expense of viable community life.
  • Maree Foley
    signed via 2018-04-12 08:56:20 +1000
  • Nicole Ribera
    signed 2018-04-12 06:40:18 +1000
  • Iain Shannon
    signed 2018-04-12 06:01:07 +1000
  • Fiona McNeill
    signed 2018-04-12 04:19:04 +1000
    What a disgrace. Stop creating concrete blocks and leave our Aussieback yards alone!
  • Nigel Clark
    signed via 2018-04-12 00:23:26 +1000
  • Jennifer Tolmie
    signed 2018-04-12 00:06:24 +1000
    This over development has to stop. The city of Ryde is fast becoming an ugly cluttered, clogged nightmare. Nature needs some space too, and humans need to be able to look around without seeing high rise on every horizon. We chose to live here for the low density. We don’t want to live in a duplicate city of Sydney, or Chatswood. It is fast becoming not so enjoyable to live here. STOP!!!!!
  • Lucia Domenica
    signed 2018-04-11 22:36:35 +1000
    Unfortunately big developers are already in favour with Council. All they see are the dollar signs and Council see more ratepayers. Our roads and transport are a mess, just look at Rhodes, Putney, Meadowbank and now Ryde. What about Eastwood? it’s following suit with a 13 storey highrise on the cards. Vital services and parks will be taken to build these highrise homes, office space and Parking lots. Everyone knows bad decisions are made by Council, everyone is mad, everyone has something to say but no one in Government cares, it’s that simple. Business people with fistfull of dollars are allowed to come into our Country and do as they please. About time people running this Country of ours woke up and realised there will be nothing left for their children and grandchildren in the future if proper and thoughtful planning isn’t implemented to save OUR FUTURE FOR OUR KIDS.
  • Anna Shannon
    signed 2018-04-11 22:16:43 +1000
  • Sandra Foster
    posted about this on Facebook 2018-04-11 21:32:56 +1000
    Sign the petition: Protect Ryde
  • Jane Barton
    signed 2018-04-11 21:28:02 +1000
  • Justin De Gioia
    signed 2018-04-11 21:19:26 +1000
  • Gabriella Bruno
    signed 2018-04-11 20:30:49 +1000
    This is absolutely disgusting and a disgrace. What is wrong with this government?! Have they no brains?! If the council has expressed their views on this issue and are being ignored, the community has expressed their views and are being ignored. The fact that the city of Ryde is already so over populated it’s at breaking point. The fact u cannot drive anywhere within Ryde without hitting bumper to bumper traffic no matter which way ur traveling. The fact that there are not enough schools not even if u include those that have been planned (god knows when they will even open because nothing has started so far). I have always voted liberal but for the first time this year in my local election I voted labor and I am so glad I did. Mayor Laxale has the city of Ryde’s interests not the developers interests in mind when he is lobbying for us. Unlike Victor Dominello. He could not care less about the city of Ryde and I am disgusted by him and his actions for our city. I bought and built in North Ryde for my family and was so lucky to do so. But in allowing these disgusting ridiculous changes to go through u are destroying a wonderful city and pushing out anyone except the Chinese. Because they are the only ones who will live here when ur done. How about u stop immigration or restrict it. Then we would have enough houses for those that live here. What an absolute disgusting government. Never again will I vote liberal…ever.