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On 6 April 2018, NSW Liberal planning Minster the Hon. Anthony Roberts announced a new housing code which will apply to the City of Ryde.

Starting 6 July 2018, these changes will allow for even more over-development in our City. They allow for increased medium density uses in low density zones, and they are against the wishes of our community and the Council who voted unanimously to oppose these changes in December 2016.

Ryde has taken its fair share of development over the years, and up until recently, our low density middle was off limits. Now the State Government are opening up the entire city to over-development. 

The Key points are: 

 The Liberal State Government have targeted at least 9 local government areas with these changes, including the City of Ryde

 They have changed definitions, which will allow terrace housing and blocks of flats (known as Manor homes) in low density zones effective July 6 this year!

 Duplex lots will go from a 20m frontage minimum to a 12m frontage minimum. That’s 14464 potential duplex sites in Ryde and a potential for 32,000 new residents almost immediately. 

 Blocks of flats (manor homes) will be able to be built on 600sqm lots with 15m frontage. Manor homes are currently prohibited in Ryde’s low density zones. 

 Terrace housing can be build on lots of 900sqm and 18m frontage. Terrace housing is currently prohibited in Ryde’s low density zones. 

 Our 2016 submission to the Government against these changes, were totally ignored. 


To: The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, Member for Lane Cove, Minister for Planning

CC: The Hon. Victor Dominello MP, Member for Ryde, Minister for Finance, Services and Property

Dear Mr Roberts and Mr Dominello,

I believe that your latest over-development attack on Ryde has gone too far. Ryde has been a target for your Government for too long. Firstly, 13,000 units along Epping Road and now you have made changes so that even our low density suburbs can be targeted by developers.

Our schools are already overcrowded. Our roads are already clogged and hospitals have long waiting lists. Enough.

I demand that you do not proceed with changes that are due to take effect on 6 July 2018. 

Ryde does not want rows of terrace housing in our quiet neighbourhoods.

Ryde does not want blocks of flats (Manor homes) in our cul-de-sacs or opposite our schools.

We do not want a minimum 12-metre frontage for duplexes across the City.

We will not stand for these changes and demand an immediate reversal of your plans. If they proceed, they will destroy what makes Ryde great.

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Natalie Hayden
Lisa Murnane
Denise Daber
Julie Wilson
Denise Klimpsch
Hunter Clarke
James Woods
Mihaela Serban
Andrew Israel
Aashay Nandigam
Tina Daines
Fiona Lamborn
Maria Bradley
Ian F
Tanya F
Richie Howitt
Marilyn Phillips
Maria Elliott
Lynne Moffat
Sabina Fielding-Smith
Frederick johns
Ian Davidson
Julie Lee
Ken Leslie
Kel Battiwalla
Maria anna Masangkay
Kim Phillips
Miriam Singh
Sandra Usher
Dorrit Balletti
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  • Natalie Hayden
    signed 2018-04-23 08:42:05 +1000
    There is no infrastructure to house any more people…..we need parks & schools and traffic that flows, look at Lane cove and Epping road of a morning trying to get to work… is a total joke, it doesn’t need any more cars.
  • Lisa Murnane
    signed 2018-04-23 07:42:39 +1000
  • Denise Daber
    signed via 2018-04-23 07:36:47 +1000
    Denise Daber
  • Julie Wilson
    signed 2018-04-23 07:19:31 +1000
  • Denise Klimpsch
    signed 2018-04-23 06:33:16 +1000
    The Ryde Council area is being turned into a concrete jungle! Soon, no sunshine will be able to reach the streets due to all the high-rise already built, and also under construction, everywhere! Where is the infrastructure to cope with the increase in population? Schools, hospitals, public transport (it’s going to be fun with the Epping to Chatswood rail line being closed soon for 7 months – as if that’s all it’s going to be closed for)! What will Council do to stop the increase in all the junk mail being thrown around the streets because people are just too lazy to place it in their recycle bins? STOP TURNING OUR SUBURBS INTO SLUMS!!
  • Hunter Clarke
    signed via 2018-04-22 22:57:35 +1000
  • James Woods
    signed 2018-04-22 21:19:19 +1000
  • Mihaela Serban
    signed 2018-04-22 20:34:08 +1000
  • Andrew Israel
    signed 2018-04-22 20:32:05 +1000
    I f this goes ahead, you are committing political suicide. Be warned.
  • Aashay Nandigam
    signed 2018-04-22 20:25:03 +1000
  • Tina Daines
    signed via 2018-04-22 19:35:54 +1000
  • Fiona Lamborn
    signed 2018-04-22 18:37:24 +1000
  • Maria Bradley
    signed 2018-04-22 17:59:34 +1000
  • Ian F
    signed 2018-04-22 17:58:05 +1000
  • Tanya F
    signed 2018-04-22 17:53:05 +1000
  • Richie Howitt
    signed 2018-04-22 17:40:13 +1000
    The failure of state government planning mechanisms to offer even a semblance of coherence in the delivery of locally relevant, appropriate and acceptable planning in communities across Sydney, while still leaving local Councils carrying the burden of public anger at planning failures is simply outrageous.

    I totally support Mayor Laxale’s efforts to protect the integrity and liveability of the City of Ryde.

    Professor Richie Howitt
  • Marilyn Phillips
    signed 2018-04-22 16:10:28 +1000
  • Maria Elliott
    signed 2018-04-22 14:25:38 +1000
    The current State Government is a disgrace. You are FAILING the people of Ryde. You have done NOTHING to stop the overdevelopment facing our community. Step 1: Amend the changes that will permit developers the right to place 4-unit block of flats/units on 15 metre frontages. Step 2 Halt the ugly high rise that now scar our horizons. The overdevelopment of the old Sandford Hotel site is a disgrace. No green spaces just ugly tower blocks.
  • Lynne Moffat
    signed 2018-04-22 14:17:41 +1000
    Ryde is already too crowded for its roads. Please don’t make matters worse.
  • Sabina Fielding-Smith
    signed 2018-04-22 12:26:38 +1000
    Sabina Louise FIELDING-SMITH – The Liberal State Government is totally out of touch with its electorate. This piece of legislation is atrocious. No community consultation on this at all. They can’t even get the light rail done on time and close to budget so how can we trust them with future dwelling planning, totally overdeveloped in the North and an abomination with no thought to supporting infrastructure. I know how I will be voting come the next State election!
  • Frederick johns
    signed 2018-04-22 10:45:39 +1000
    The only person who can save the City of Ryde is our State member,Victor Dominello. Start writing NOW to express your opposition to these amendments:
  • Ian Davidson
    signed 2018-04-22 10:02:17 +1000
    Any proposal to increase the population size of the Ryde area ignores the inadequacy of services to meet this increase. The standard of living of the population then falls. Manor houses built in Ryde is a short sighted proposal and only benefits the developers not the general population of Ryde.
  • Julie Lee
    signed 2018-04-22 09:59:31 +1000
  • Ken Leslie
    signed 2018-04-22 09:54:50 +1000
  • Kel Battiwalla
    signed 2018-04-22 07:01:17 +1000
  • Maria anna Masangkay
    signed 2018-04-22 02:50:59 +1000
  • Kim Phillips
    signed 2018-04-21 23:26:15 +1000
  • Miriam Singh
    signed 2018-04-21 23:20:42 +1000
  • Sandra Usher
    signed 2018-04-21 22:59:09 +1000
  • Dorrit Balletti
    signed 2018-04-21 22:39:07 +1000