Ryde misses out in NSW Budget



The NSW Budget was bad news for the people of Ryde.

Despite a tagline of “Building our Future”, the budget does not have a single dollar allocated towards delivering the new high school Ryde desperately needs.

Mr Laxale said “Victor Dominello has been a local MP since 2008 and he has yet to secure a single cent for new schools in our area.

“This budget was the opportunity for Mr Dominello to match Labor’s election promise and build a new High School in Ryde. With no funds allocated, it’s clear that he’s asleep at the wheel. 

Mr Dominello is completely out of touch when it comes to the needs of families in Ryde.” 

Since the election, both local papers have run a raft of articles calling for Labor’s commitment to be matched by the Liberal government. 

“Even the local newspaper editors know how much Ryde needs this school, yet Mr Dominello still has his head stuck in the sand.

 “We see that Ballina, Parramatta and the Inner City all had funds allocated for a new high school, yet Ryde was ignored once again.”

 In a further blow, the government failed to allocate a single cent towards the promised commuter car-park in Eastwood.

 “Mr Dominello has promised delivery of this carpark within 2 years. We are now 3 months into that promise and no-one knows how much this project will cost, or even if it is able to be built.”

In a recent meeting with senior staff it was revealed by Mr Dominello that the carpark had not even passed the ever-stringent feasibility study conducted by Departments on new infrastructure delivery. 

“Promising something without proper due diligence is a recipe for disaster.

 Mr Dominello has already broken an election promise on a new park in Macquarie Park.  If he cannot deliver a park, how can he deliver a car-park or a new High School in Ryde.”

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