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Despite promising an end to over-development "madness" the State Government have thundered ahead with their plans to build a 3500 unit monster development at the Ivanhoe Estate.

In a 76 page submission, Ryde Council has raised serious concerns about the NSW Government’s plans to build 3500 new dwellings on the corner of Herring and Epping roads at Ivanhoe Estate, warning that the new priority precinct will result in the destruction of endangered Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest and more traffic congestion on local roads.

The 3500 units set to replace the old Ivanhoe estate represents a 1250% increase on the 259 dwellings to be demolished by the NSW Government.

Member for Ryde, the Hon. Victor Dominello, has trumpeted the redevelopment of Ivanhoe Estate as a way for the Ryde community “to reap the benefits of community growth”.

Tell Mr Dominello and the State Government that we have had enough. Sign my petition to help Save Ivanhoe, and abolish priority precincts in Macquarie Park, North Ryde and Epping.


Mr Dominello,

Recently you said you wanted to stop the over-development "madness" in Ryde. How then is your Government thundering ahead with 3,500 unit monster development at the Ivanhoe estate in Ryde?

You've said Ryde has taken it's fair share; then why are you increasing density by 1250% on the site?

I oppose the removal of 858 trees and the destruction of the endangered ecological forest.

I object to the impact this monster will have on the Shrimptons Creek ecological corridor.

I am sick of sitting in traffic across our City, only to be made worse by this proposal which you support.

How can you say one thing in Ryde, and do another thing in Parliament? Stand with the Council and please abolish your priority precincts in North Ryde, Macquarie Park and Epping.


Concerned Resident.


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  • signed 2018-06-21 16:22:49 +1000
    I strongly oppose the Ivanhoe Estate redevelopment.

    The existing Ivanhoe Estate development and its former public tenant cohort appears to have been an apt usage of the site, in contrast to the proposed gross overdevelopment of the site-with its height, bulk, scale and density-that are all more in keeping with those of other places, rather than of Ryde.

    The outrageous, proposed, removal of 858 trees, together with the senseless destruction of the endangered ecologic urban forest, seems irrational and unacceptable. Instead, this important stand of Iron Bark trees, that are of high conservation and heritage value, and in a Powerful Owl habitat, is a reason it is so important to protect this site.

    Additionally, the retention of the valuable tree cover to the site’s curtilage is essential for our health: “Sydney university researchers have found that plans for the next 15 years to increase Sydney’s tree canopy cover by 50 per cent would have a bigger impact on reducing air pollution – including dust, dirt and smoke-than if the city were to reduce traffic. It is trees and canopy density that are the important in reducing air pollution and particulates. Trees and their canopies help with the deposition and dispersal of particulate pollution, responsible for cancers and respiratory diseases, like asthma.” UTS.

    And, unfortunately, recent tree canopy research suggests that Ryde Council’s district is one where tree canopy loss and hard surfaces has grown fastest!

    Furthermore, such an overdevelopment of the Ivanhoe Estate would render already serious traffic congestion worse. Such, mindless overdevelopment has already hastened the clogged traffic conditions that we are now experiencing across Sydney, and Ryde in particular, that would be further exacerbated by yet another extreme overdevelopment.

    We do not want another ‘Meadowbank’ catastrophe in Macquarie Business Park!

    The seeming unplanned, rampant, densification and overdevelopment together with a lack of a business case, EIS, meaningful prior community consultation, or population policy, with appropriate supportive infrastructure are ruining our once engaging city’s liveability, amenity and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, any impact by such irrational development upon the important Shrimptons Creek ecological corridor, is totally unacceptable

    The Council of the City of Ryde was duly elected by we residents’ of Ryde to determine matters such as development within our City of Ryde. Accordingly, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment should not make development decisions inimical to those of our elected City of Ryde Council, that has had the foresight and wisdom to establish the Macquarie Business Park, and is to be commended for satisfactorily nurturing its built and natural environment, to today’s high ideal, standard, consistent with appropriate height, bulk and scale, that now appears to being undermined by the Liberal government’s illogical, densification and overdevelopment policies.
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    Please give space for natures and animals thats an assets for a comfortable peaceful suburban
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    Please create pleasant living spaces so that people can thrive. No-one thrives in a ghetto
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    Stop development in Sydney!! Start infrastructure like a new metro. No more roads, no more developments. Enough!
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    Enough already. Stop money grubbing for instant development and start using some evidence based practice to develop a suatainable development pkan for tge future.
  • signed 2018-06-17 18:14:00 +1000
    The proposed development of Ivanhoe is overdevelopment on a completely unacceptable scale. Use some sense and abandon the idea of priority precincts in North Ryde, Macquarie Park and Epping. This part of Sydney is far too crowded already. The infrastructure can’t cope now.
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    Overdevelopment will haunt our future and our children.
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    Ryde was originally my home. It’s a perfect area the way it is. It shouldn’t be touched.
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    Insane! Overcrowding, parking issues in shopping centres, road damage/potholes due to construction vehicles – safety issue for bikes, car damage. Traffic nightmares. Ugly balconies with laundry facing the main roads. And are these units making housing affordable ??? Certainly not for our Australians kids!!!
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    Enough is Enough…Liberals out in Ryde and Bennelong