Social, Public and Affordable Housing Review

Affordable housing is an issue that is frequently brought up at Ryde Council, so it was great interest that I read that the NSW Legislative Council resolved to establish a Select Committee to inquire into Social, Public and Affordable Housing.

The select committee will look at a number of issues revolving around social house, whilst also reporting on the demand for social, public and affordable housing. Terms of Reference dictate that three Government members, two opposition members, Mr Paul Green and Ms Jan Barham will be members of the Select Committee. It is my understanding that Labor will be represented on this Committee by the Hon. Peter Primrose MLC and the Shadow Minister for Housing, the Hon. Sophie Cotsis MLC

Ryde faces significant challenges ensuring that people have access to appropriate and affordable housing and it is important that this committee hears your voice. I ask that you let individuals, community organisations and businesses in your community know about this inquiry, and encourage them to make a submission.

The closing date for submissions is Friday, 28 February 2014, and public hearings are scheduled for 12 and 13 March next year.

Details about the Inquiry, including its terms of references and how to lodge submissions, can be found at

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