Synthetic Field dream destroyed



After 3 years of planning and decades of talk, it is with great sadness and anger that I report to you today that Council's plans to build a new synthetic sports field at ELS Hall have been delayed for the foreseeable future.

This is yet another terrible decision by the Liberals on Ryde Council and a kick in the guts to our entire community.

The motion, to send the project into the never never, was moved by Liberal Councillor Roy Maggio. Whilst I usually have a lot of time for Clr Maggio when it comes to sports and recreation, on this matter we do not see eye to eye.

We do not need another report, we do not need another reference group, we do not need more press releases and photos. Ryde needs action, yet once again the Liberals have let us down.


Clr Maggio and his colleagues say they support the community, but the truth is that their priorities lie elsewhere.

  • Instead of increased funding for recreation and parks, they have wasted $5 Million on a building that no-one wants
  • Instead of increasing maintenance budgets, they have spent your rate payer dollars on new Mayoral Robes and Photos of Councillors in the Civic Centre lobby.
  • Instead of funding the services that our community have been crying out for, the Liberals are more interested in subsiding events for big business and developers

And to top it all off, they have increased your council rates for the next four years by over 30%!

It is clear that the Liberals cannot be trusted to deliver the infrastructure and services that our community desperately needs.

Despite being in the minority for the remainder of this term on Council, I will continue to fight and argue on your behalf for better services. After all, that is what being an elected official is all about!


Picture: Dave Swift. Northern District Times 28/07/2015

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  • Alison Raff
    commented 2015-09-08 10:38:50 +1000
    An extremely Disappointing decision. Money seems to rule OVER the youth of the area….. The local council should be encouraging and ensuring that the youth of this area have acceptable field to play on and encourage community spirit. The demand for the field is there.. Please change your decision and support our children.
  • David Armstrong
    commented 2015-08-27 14:40:27 +1000
    I will support you, the councils liberals are not for the community especially for young people in the area.😡