Win for Residents of Raymond Street


Ryde Council last night approved a motion to fast track the construction of the missing footpath network along both sides of Raymond street Eastwood. Mover of the motion, Labor Clr Jerome Laxale, was pleased that council approved the construction.


"I'd like to thank fellow Councillors for seeing sense on this issue. In the interests of public safety, it was vital that this missing link be completed as soon as possible. I'd also like to thank Mr Conoulty on behalf of local residents of Raymond street. Without his advocacy on this issue, we would not have the win that we've had tonight." Clr Laxale said.

Councillors heard directly from Mr Conoulty as he addressed the council meeting last night. Speaking on behalf of a number of residents, Mr Conoulty outlined the danger faced daily by pedestrians and motorists on Raymond Street.

"Being so well used, the state of our nature strip is deplorable. Some areas have drops of up to one foot from ground level, it is un-even and in wet weather these holes often fill up with water leaving pedestrians no option but to walk down the middle of our street. People often drive quickly through our winding street, and because there are no connecting footpaths, the elderly and families with prams, are forced to walk on the road for their stability. We’ve been very lucky that nothing tragic has happened to date.” Mr Conoulty said.

As a result of Clr Laxale's action, the footpaths are now due to be completed in 2013/2014, well ahead of schedule. 

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